Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder From Vintage Cheese Grater

#1 This was a really awesome idea that I stole from Pinterest.

(To skip the rambling that has nothing to do with how to make this Vintage Cheese Grater proceed to Section #3)

#2 If you haven't been to Pinterest yet, let me just tell you - it's awesome. At first I was a little turned off by it because you have to get an invite from a member to join (even though it's free) and I felt that was just a tad presumptuous.

But now that I've given it a chance, I'm addicted. I'm a total Virgo and am compelled by the moon to be organized to the point of obsession. My lists have lists (haha... Not joking). I like this site because you can create "boards" of things you like and group them together. It's kind of like a picture list that you can subcategorize.

Example, I have a kitchen board where I "pin" all of the cool ideas and inspiration for redoing my kitchen. There are so many awesome things on there: recipes, knitting, DIY crafts, decorating tips etc. And the best part is that when you click on a pin, it opens a new tab to where ever the person that pinned it originally found it. And if you are on a different site and see something that you want to "pin" so you never forget it, all you have to do is use the "pin it" button in your browser. No more bookmarking!! Bottom line? Try it. If you need an invite, comment or message me your email address and I will send you an invite free of charge.

3. Sooooo onto the crafty part. Hubby and I went to our local flea market, Trader's World, just north of Cincinnati, oh. Just as we were leaving I saw this awesome, old cheese grater and I remembered the pin I put on my kitchen board (if you have no idea what I'm talking about you clearly skipped section #2. Ha! Serves you right). I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he wanted $5!! Now, if that was the only thing I bought for the day, maybe $5 wouldn't be so bad. But let's just say - I had spent a lot of money that morning already. So I was ready to pass it by and hope to find one at the thrift store. Then hubby saw a painting (print) the guy was selling and decided to buy it. I saw my opening and grabbed it. So I used the old, "since I'm buying this will you cut me a deal" haggle strategy and talked the price down to $1!

I love this, but it's going to make for some awkward family get-togethers. Maybe I'll put a little strip of electrical tape over the nips as a sensor when they come over, lol.

(PS, anyone know what this painting is called or who painted it?)

I took my vintage find home and found the perfect spot in my kitchen for it.
Now onto the matter of the hole at the bottom (which was actually the top before I flipped it).
The handle part is now considered the bottom, k? Stay with me here.

This was a really easy fix. I hot glued (i <3 my hot glue gun) some popsicle sticks together then used regular scissors to cut them to the width of the grater. The grater has a tapered shape to it, so when you are cutting your sticks be sure to cut them just a hair wider than the bottom of your grater. Using scissors to cut Popsicle sticks is actually much easier than I thought it would be. Since I was using crazy colored craft sticks, I covered them with aluminum foil - matte side out.

Then, I just pushed them into the bottom as far as they would go, and since the shape tapers a bit, it created a firm platform that is positioned just right and not visible at first glance. I love that I didn't have to use any type of glue or screws to hold the bottom in.
View from bottom

Ya can't even see the aluminum foil part.

I used miracle hooks that I got from Dollar Tree to hang it in my kitchen. I was thinking about even adding some small hooks, or maybe S hooks, to the handle to hold more stuff, but I'm gonna wait to see how my remodel looks before I go poking holes in the handle.


  1. Hi, you can also spray paint these cheese graters, hang upside down, and use the handle for a tea towel holder. Take trim and glue ground the widest part of grater and then sew some of the same trim on your towel. It's very cute!

  2. cute idea!! I'm going to put it on my blog DIY list for today!! Now just to find a cheese grater haha!

  3. I took a two handled flat cheese grater and spray painted it black, then hung it vertically on the wall. I hung a tea towel on the bottom handle... And hung it with the top handle. Turned out cute!

  4. That painting is from one of my favorites! John William Waterhouse. It is titled Hylas & Nymphs. Good find!

  5. I love this idea. I have my mom's old cheese grater and I used mine to hang a decorative kitchen towel. NOTE: Don't paint them if they are antiques--it takes away from the value of it. I like to see the dents and scrapes the cheese grater sustained while my mom used it for 50 years and paint would cover that up.


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